DIY Sock Dryer Balls

Have you been looking for a sustainable way to dry your clothes other than wool dryer balls? Recently I found out that dryer balls don't work for everyone or you've had bad luck with your purchase. Either way, I'm here to help!


1. You are repurposing loner or ripped socks (I recommend mending them but I know it's not for everyone, me includedĀ šŸ˜‰)
2. You are avoiding dryer sheets which pollute our oceans
3. You will save money on your energy bill because this will shorten you're drying time by 10-25%
4. Your clothes will last longer because your drying time is shorter
5. You will save money on dryer sheets
6. You will no longer use chemicals to dry your clothes that are bad for you and the environmentĀ greenšŸ’š


I haven't been able to ditch drying our laundry completely and on days that I do toss them in the dryer I use wool dryer balls. I started using wool dryer balls the minute I found out that dryer sheets are actually toxic and contain harmful ingredients, such asĀ carcinogens,Ā endocrineĀ disruptors,Ā hazardous pollutants, and things that target specific organs in the most unpleasant ways. These can cause asthma or other respiratory issues, skin issues, migraines, gastrointestinal distress, pancreatic cancer,Ā central nervous system disorders,Ā and a runny nose. Why would you want that on your or your loved ones skin?


Sock Dryer Balls are super easy to make and you only need 2 things - 2 socks and essential oil.Ā 

  1. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil on the tip of the sock
  2. Roll the sock up tightly
  3. Fold the cuff over to form a ball
  4. Add a few more drops to your second sock
  5. Place your ball on top of the second sock and roll them up togetherĀ 
  6. Fold the cuff over to form a bigger ball.

I usually use 4-6 wool dryer balls when drying my laundry, you might be able to use 2-4 sock dryer balls as they are larger. Your clothes will come out soft, static-free, and smellingĀ great without any harmful side effects.

Once you start to notice the smell is starting to fade, open up the sock a bit and add a few drops to the center of your ball, this is done to prevent the oil from transferring onto your clothes.

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